It’s time to earn some Book Bucks!

Here’s how the challenge works:

    • For Grades K-2, each picture book read is worth ONE book buck.  Each chapter book read is worth FIVE book bucks.
    • For grades 3-5, each 100 pages is worth ONE book buck.  For example, if you read a book that has 293 pages, I’ll most likely round up and give you three book bucks.  If the book is 132 pages, you’ll earn one book buck.  Each graphic novel is worth ONE book buck.
    •  I am happy to make modifications for students with special circumstances(i.e. reading level is not at grade level).
    • I will give you more blank book bucks every time you check out, and if you run out just ask for more.  Simply fill out the back portion and return the buck(s) to me during check-out times(M,T,Th,F 11:30-12:30).
    • When you earn 20 book bucks, I’ll put a surprise in your book bag next time you check out.  At the end of every month I will put all the book bucks in a raffle and someone from each group will get a bigger prize!
    • If you cannot come to the school during the above hours please email me and we can arrange a different pick-up/drop-off time at the front office.


Happy reading!- Ms. Cory